Golden Bell Awards celebration; mixed feelings

Joseph Chang (right) failed to win the best actor award, look devasted, but fortunately his rumored girlfriend Rainie is there to give him a comfort hug. He said, he learned so much while shooting for "Love You".

Li Luo (right) won the Golden Bell Award for supporting actor in “Monga Yao Hui”. Li Luo and Huang Deng Hui kissed lips to lips while Huang Deng Hui is carrying his daughter.

Nominated four times and finally won as the best host for a travel program Janet (middle), celebrated last night, she was excited to sit on her junior’s shoulders, happinnes was written all over her face.

Best supporting actor for a mini-series, Wu Jian He; support actress, Teresa Daley and actor, Huang Yuan all won an award for “Days We Stared at the Sun.”

After Hao Jiao Xiang Qi won as the best host for a variety show. Ah Xiang (left) kisses his fiancee, Hao Zi (right) is sitting next to his preganant wife. Hao Zi stated that "I guess we probably relied on our wife's fortune.”

Won as the best mixed variety show, Chen Wen Xi wears her award hat, celebrated together with Jiu Kong and Xiao Tai.

Source & Photo: Apple Daily

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