Eddie Peng doesn't think he will win at the Golden Horse Awards

Eddie Peng successfully made a comeback with “Jump Ashin!”, and even got nominated for Golden Horse’s Best Actor Award along with his idol Andy Lau, Ge You, and others. He expressed that he has already gone to Ethan Ruan's home and touched his Golden Horse Award for good luck. When asked if he was confident in winning, he laughed, “I’m keeping calm. When my mom heard the names of the other nominees, she said, ‘How can you possibly win? It’s good enough that you got nominated!’”

Eddie's schedule has been jam-packed; after completing the filming for his upcoming movie, “Love”, he immediately flew to Hong Kong to promote his new movie, “夏日樂悠悠” (Love You You). Right now, he is in Beijing filming the movie, “太極” (Tai Chi), directed by Stephen Fung, which will keep him occupied for the remainder of the year. He will then be filming another new movie with Andy Lau titled, “寒戰”.

When the Golden Horse nominations were announced, Eddie was in the middle of filming a movie, “I originally thought that I would scream, but it was too surprising and unbelievable, while very moving. Coach Ashin was even more excited than I was. The moment he heard the good news, he shouted, ‘Sweet!’” Last year’s winner Ethan Ruan did not forget to text to congratulate him, but he laughed, “I didn’t receive it, and when he called me later, he immediately scolded me for not turning my cell phone on.” Eddie believed that his chance of winning is very low, “In the past, I’ve gotten trophies for basketball and swimming. I’m already very happy to be nominated for Golden Horse.” Eddie will be flying back to Taiwan to attend the ceremony next month.

 Left: Eddie shaved his head for his new movie. / Right: Ethan and his Golden Horse Award.

Source: Appledaily

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