Chris Wang wants to be in a "troublesome" relationship

As reported previously, Chris Wang recently released his photobook, which contains photos of his bare backside. Thus, even SETTV’s upcoming new drama, “真愛找麻煩” (roughly translates to True Love Is Troublesome), wants to make use of his great body, asking him to bare it all. His management company and the drama production team had to debate it out on how much Chris should show. Both sides have agreed that briefs will be the limit but it will be masked during the broadcast. Chris expressed, “My management company and the drama team discussed for a very long time about how much skin I should show. Since the story is very refreshing, I agreed to accept the role.”

In the new drama, Chris plays a buff and wealthy general manager of a vacation resort. The drama is about a marriage due to pregnancy, hence, leading to a “troublesome” love story. Chris revealed, “I’m currently single, but I kind of want a shotgun marriage too.”

Source: UDN

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