Calvin Chen wants to kiss Weng Tzymann?

Smile Weng Tzymann will soon be releasing her debut album titled, "Love Me". She was filming a MV for her new single, “It’s Okay”, at Yilan County yesterday. The MV is about a girl who has been dumped by her boyfriend but continues to be strong. She especially invited Calvin Chen, her co-host on “Apple Entertainment News”, to be her MV’s male lead. There were many scenes of the two affectionately gazing at each other, but it wasn’t enough for Calvin as he requested to the director to add a kissing scene, which gave Tzymann a shock.

Weng Tzymann arrived in Yilan at 7am to start preparing.

Tzymann has starred in Fahrenheit’s “Stay” MV before. And now that she and Calvin co-host NextTV’s entertainment news show together, they have developed a deeper friendship; Tzymann described themselves as “buddies”. As a result, Calvin agreed to film the MV at no charge. Tzymann expressed, “We had a lot of trouble deciding on whom we should ask to be the male lead of the MV. I couldn’t believe that after Calvin heard about it, he recommended himself.” As for whether there is any possibility for their friendship to turn into a “love relationship”, she answered like all other celebs do, “I haven’t thought about it much. We are only good friends right now.” Tzymann’s mom, who was accompanying her during the shoot, expressed that she did not know how to respond to that question, but complimented Calvin for being a nice guy.

Calvin was much more playful on the other hand and kept shouting on the set, “Let’s fall in love!” He also said to Tzymann affectionately, “I risked being bashed by the public and hunt down by the fan boys to film this MV, so you must go out to dinner with me!”

Source: Appledaily

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