Anthony Neely's new album postponed due to weight gain?

Anthony Neely recently gained 7kg. Chinatimes reported that the now 85kg Taiwanese-American singer-songwriter originally planned to release his second album next month, but it has been postponed until next year due to his weight gain. However, his record company denied such claims.

According to the report, Anthony, who is 178cm in height, has always been a chubby kid and the photos of him when he was young are circulated on the web. He has been rumored to have weighed 105kg before going on the popular singing competition show, One Million Star, where he successfully slimmed down to become prince charming. During his first album release, he exercised a lot and only ate vegetables and salads to maintain his weight at 78kg.

Anthony recently packed on some extra pounds after his mom returned to Taiwan to take care of him. Although he expressed that he is working hard to lose weight, he just can’t quit eating his favorite Taiwanese Taco. HIM Records expressed that the album delay is due to Anthony filming a movie; he has not been able to finish recording all the songs and has reportedly only completed recording two of them.

Source: UDN

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