36 more albums to be released by end of year

Fans are in for a special treat in the next two months as 36 artistes are planning to release their albums during this time. Those who will be releasing albums include both veteran and rookie artistes, some of whom you will recognize such as Jay Chou, JJ Lin, Mayday, Sodagreen and more.

The reason for this spike is due to the presidential election in January. Since the attention of both the media and the citizens will be mainly concentrated on the election, artistes are all scrambling to get their album out beforehand.

The first wave of albums in November includes Jay Chou, Eason Chan, Sodagreen, Ko Chen-Tung (Ke Zhen-Dong), Andrew Tan and more. They have already been starting their promotions which includes stirring up gossip and scandals, seeking to grab exposure.

As for December, Mayday will be making a comeback along with Elva Hsiao. They are expected grab the mid-December slots, just slightly before the election fever. Others include Little Fatty Lin Yu Chun, Richie Ren, Victor Wong, and Bobby Chen.

Source: UDN

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