Tickets sold out in two days for A-Mei Chang's AmeiZING concert

To celebrate her 15th anniversary in showbiz, A-Mei Chang will be holding her "AmeiZING world tour concert" in spring of next year. Beginning from March 30th to April 1st, and from April 5th to 7th, she plans to hold six concerts at the Taipei Arena. However, all sixty thousand tickets from A-Mei's six scheduled shows have been completely sold out within just two days!

Her management company originally expected that it would take at least two weeks to sell all the tickets, but after tickets went on sale on the 22nd in the afternoon, they were sold out by nighttime on the 23rd. A-Mei wrote on her micro-blog, “Thank you everyone for your support! I can’t control myself...I want to scream...don’t stop me.”

Some fans suspected her management company of holding onto some tickets, but A-Mei’s manager Chen Chen-Chuan responded, “Why would we hold onto the tickets, what would we do with them? If we had more tickets, why wouldn’t we sell them?” He revealed that they have only saved five hundred tickets for PR purposes, and hoped that the fans won’t misunderstand. The last scheduled concert is on Saturday, and they plan to deconstruct the stage on Sunday; when asked if they would postpone deconstructing the stage and add another show on April 8th, Chen Chen-Chuan expressed that it will be up to A-Mei and the company.

Due to tickets being sold out at lightning speed, they did not have time to negotiate sponsors. Thus, all the expenses for the concert will be paid by A-Mei and the company.

Source: UDN

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