Park Jung Min sends text to Kingone Wang

Park Jung Min, Kingone Wang, and Shara Lin have begun filming Angie Chai’s upcoming idol drama, “翻糖花園” (Fondant Garden), for half a month now. Korean star Jung Min, who didn’t know how to swim, had to film a drowning scene with Shara pulling onto his leg, “So scary! She (Shara) wanted to kill me! I almost died in Taiwan!” When asked if he felt that Taiwanese girls were very manly, he laughed, “They’re mean!”

With his visit to Taiwan, Jung Min told the media that establishing new connections is important; he revealed that he text messaged Kingone before, writing in Korean, “Big brother, I’m back in Korea now,” but Kingone replied to him in Chinese, “I don’t know Korean.” Thus, Jung Min humorously replied back in Chinese, “Go ask some young people.” Kingone explained that he tried to decode the message by flipping through a dictionary, but he still couldn’t understand it afterwards. Jung Min has been working hard in learning Mandarin; he not only uses Mandarin to rehearse with his costars, he also spoke entirely in Mandarin when responding to the media.

31 year old Kingone is the veteran of the group and he expressed that he is already used to having costars younger than him when filming idol dramas. Kingone had just finished filming Next TV’s upcoming prime time drama, “Next Heroes”. He expressed that he was too into his character and became very arrogant in his attitude, thus, his father gave him a scolding and told him to beware.

Source: UDN, Appledaily, Chinatimes

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