Lollipop F practices new dance moves for upcoming album

Lollipop F is getting ready to take off again with a new “Love Love Dance” for their upcoming album’s titular track, “Dian-Si (Dance)”. As the group known for their dancing, Owodog expressed, “In the past, everyone got to know me, A-Wei, Fabien, and William through our dancing, now, I hope everyone can fall in love with us because of our dancing.” Their new album, “Dance”, will be released on October 20th. Fans who preorder can pick their choice of gift: an inflatable pillow with pillow case, or a special DVD. They will be holding an autographing mini concert event at Ximending on Sunday.

For the main single’s MV, Gold Typhoon especially rented four sports cars that were worth over ten million TWD, and filmed in eight different places. A-Wei thanked the director for adding more scenes for him, “(I) showed off my great body as always. I also got to shoot the MV with our dog, Lolli. She’s our main female lead in the MV.” William commented on their new “Love Love Dance”, “The main focus of this dance is on the lower half of the body. Besides needing to secure your feet, you need a flexible waist to be able to move front and back, left and right.”

Lollipop F's "Dance" album is now available for preorder at YesAsia with either the Dancing City Version or LolliPARTY Version !

Check out the MV below:

Source: UDN, goldtyphoonmusic's channel

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