Leehom wants A-Mei to be his concert's special guest

Leehom Wang appeared at Sony Ericsson's mobile phone event yesterday. The media immediately asked why he was missing from the video of blessings for A-Mei Chang that was played at her press conference, which included stars like Jay Chou, Chang Hsiao-Yen, and others that added up to a hundred people. He responded, “Next time when you need to record a video with a hundred people, please remember to invite me.” The reporters suggested that he should simply recommend himself to A-Mei to be her concert's special guest, but he replied, “Why don’t we ask her to come be my November concert’s special guest first.”

A-Mei and Harlem Yu were rumored to be dating, but both stated that they were just friends.  However, A-Mei recently expressed that she won’t completely rule out the possibility of developing a relationship with Harlem. As A-Mei's rumored ex-boyfriend, the media asked Leehom what he thought about this pairing. He stuttered a little and then said, “What they think is the most important.” But then he suddenly added, “I quite like Harlem myself!” which almost gave the media a shock, mistakenly thinking that he wanted to be in a romantic relationship with Harlem.

Source: Appledaily. UDN

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