Leehom Wang to leave Sony Music?

Leehom Wang held an autographing and mini concert event for his upcoming new and best selections album, “Open Fire”, and attracted three thousand fans to attend. Sony Music Taiwan estimated that Leehom’s thirteen albums for the last twelve years have brought $5 billion TWD worth of business. Hence, Sony presented Leehom with an imperial jade seal to signify his king-like status in the music industry. Leehom was definitely in a good mood as he proudly announced, “I will be holding a concert at the Taipei arena at the end of the year. “Open Fire” will also be its world tour theme song.”

Leehom’s contract with Sony Music will be coming to an end soon. When asked if “Open Fire” will be his last album released with Sony, Leehom expressed, “I’ve been wanting to establish my own label for a long time. As for future collaborations with Sony, we are still negotiating. It is not confirmed yet.”

In related news, Chinatimes reported that netizens spotted eerie similarities between “Open Fire” and Kesha’s “Blow”. However, Leehom released a statement on his micro-blog denying such claims, “I’m a professional composer. I know what is considered plagiarism, and what is original. If I really plagiarized someone else’s work, they would come and sue me. I know it won’t happen because I did not plagiarize. Everyone can rest assured, “Open Fire” is a one of a kind original song.”

Source: UDN

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