[Updated w/ MV] Leehom Wang provokes Lady Gaga in new single

Before Leehom Wang’s new single “火力全開” (Open Fire) was released, the song’s lyrics had already been leaked and were circulated on the web by the fans. In the lyrics, it wrote, “You say Lady Gaga, I say why be afraid of her...Don’t bow down...” which seemed rather provocative. However, Leehom expressed, “Pop culture everywhere influences each other, so Chinese lyrics need to have even more international sense,” and stated that his song was not targeted at Lady Gaga personally.

Leehom’s new single got a movie-style MV treatment, which his record company spent over $10 million TWD to film and it even includes an explosion scene. Leehom risked his own safety by filming the explosion scene himself; his record company bought five insurances costing $500 million to insure Leehom from head to toe.

For the MV, Leehom invited the Jackie Chan Stunt Team as well as Marty Kudelka (Cheoreographer for Justin Timberlake) to mesh martial arts with hip hop.

Leehom’s new and best selections album is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

Check out the MV below:

Source: UDN, Appledaily, officialwangleehom's channel

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