Huang Xiao-Ming films the Flying Guillotine with bloody eyes

On the 27th at 2am, Huang Xiao-Ming suddenly felt pain in his eyes and was unable to open them; his eyes kept tearing up, resulting in having to go to an emergency clinic for treatment. He had to patch them with some gauze so that they could get some rest, and relied on his assistant to guide his footsteps. Despite this, he still took the flight to Hubei on the next day to attend a special event for Chen Kai-Ge’s new movie, “沙門空海” (Sha Men Kong Hai). He then returned to Shanxi to resume filming “Flying Guillotine” that same night.

Upon hearing the news, many fans’ hearts ached to see Huang Xiao-Ming always focusing on his work and not resting enough. Huang Xiao-Ming’s manager revealed that he is getting better, but his eyes are still a bit swollen. He has now removed the patches from his eyes. When asked why he is such a hard worker, he smiled, “This is how actors are, there’s no helping it.” He also teased himself on his micro-blog as he wrote, “I’ve already resumed filming the ‘Flying Guillotine’ last night, but I was filming with real red bloody eyes. That sure is suitable for the ‘(bloody) Flying Guillotine’.”

Source: Appledaily, UDN

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