Harlem Yu surprises Rainie Yang at mini concert

Rainie Yang held a mini concert at Legacy yesterday, attracting a thousand fans to attend. She showed off playing the harmonica after having practiced it for a month, and sang songs from her four favorite female singer-songwriters: Tanya Chua, Cheer Chen, Peggy Hsu, and Lala Hsu. When singing Lala’s “Lonely Desert”, Rainie was moved to tears, “There’s a story to it, but I cannot tell you.”

Midway through the concert, Harlem Yu suddenly appeared to surprise Rainie, who is a fan of Harlem’s. After coming back to her senses, she immediately teased, “How come you dare to come? Don’t you know that I have a crush on you?” As the two greeted with a hug, the audience chanted for the two to kiss, but Harlem laughed, “You guys aren’t going to feel happier if I kiss her, so let’s sing instead.” The two collaborated on the spot; Harlem played on the guitar while they sang “Missing You” and “Ambiguous Love” together. Rainie joked, “Many couples abroad collaborate like this.”

When Rainie sang “結痂” (Scabbed), she told the fans, “The wound from not getting nominated for Golden Bell has already formed a scab because of you.”

Check out the news clip below:

Here's a fancam of the performance:

Source: UDN, Appledaily, shamhing4's and hiro999ism's channel

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