Dee Hsu to quit Kang Xi for third pregnancy?

The media reported yesterday that Dee Hsu has become pregnant again. She did not the deny it and her manager confirmed the good news today. Dee’s mom also revealed that the expectancy date is spring of next year. Since Dee already has two daughters, many speculate that she is pressured to give birth to a baby boy. There have been rumors of Dee trying different herbal medicines to increase her chances; her husband Mike has also reportedly tried sperm sorting.

When Dee’s mom was asked if Dee used any “special formula” to get pregnant, she denied, “No, it happened naturally.” She then added, “It doesn’t matter whether it’ll be a boy or girl. The most important is that the baby will be healthy.” Barbie, Dee, and Fan Fan (Christine Fan) once said that they would get pregnant together. However, there still hasn’t been any news from Barbie and Fan Fan. When asked if this would put Barbie under more pressure, her mom responded, “You don’t need to give her pressure.”

Kevin Tsai said before that both he and Dee would quit their variety show, “Kang Xi Lai Le”, together if she became pregnant again. Kevin confirmed yesterday, “If Dee needs to take maternity leave, I will accompany her and take a break as well until she returns to work.” Although the show will soon need to face its fate of coming to an end, producer B2 has not given up yet, “I will talk with our host first to see when she will be having the baby and then further discuss this with CtiTV.”

Fortune tellers predict that Dee will be having a baby girl.

Source: Appledaily, UDN

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