CTS stops its in-house drama productions

Director of GIO’s department of Broadcasting Affairs Patrick Wang Chen-Tai announced at the press conference during the 2011 Taipei Television Festival on the 7th that TV networks who spend over $100 million TWD in filming a series will receive a 30% subsidy. Despite the government’s angelic support for its local television industry, it did not make it in time to save the networks; CTS announced that there will not be anymore in-house productions for the rest of the year. The network expressed that resuming in-house productions will depend on their business and financial departments.

CTS plans to shift their efforts to buying dramas; they are currently broadcasting the long running mainland produced series, “New My Fair Princess”, in their prime time slot from Mondays to Fridays. For Sundays, the network is collaborating with the Queen of idol dramas, Su Li-Mei (Executive VP of SETTV), and the first drama to air will be “真心請按兩次鈴” (roughly translates to Please Ring Twice With Sincerity), starring Janine Chang and Peter Ho. The network expressed that they will continue to collaborate to produce Sunday idol dramas.

Seeing how the network has gotten rid of its own drama productions entirely, an unnamed department manager from the network expressed, “If Taiwan stops filming dramas, it means that Taiwan cultural and creative industries only have soft power and no actual effect. Although buying dramas is easier, the network will simply become a hub for drama rentals. Those from the business and financial departments who say they love CTS, where did your conscience go?” SETTV’s drama producer Chen Yi-Jun wrote on the web, “The cultural and creative industries are for finding new talents. “Quality” is just a package wrapper for garbage. Just be more open-minded.”

Source: UDN, GIO

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