Controversy over "Super Taste's" Golden Bell nomination

"Super Taste" and its hosts, the Hao Jiao Xiang Qi duo, are nominated for best variety program and best hosts, but it is already stirring up controversy as some producers point out that "Super Taste" should be categorized as a “travelling” program instead of a “variety” program. TVBS, the network producing “Super Taste”, responded, “We also debated about this for a long time. However, the show’s direction is definitely of a variety program. Since the judges have nominated it, it proves that they also support our decision.” “Super Taste’s” producer explained that the show is a specially designed variety program where Hao Jiao not only sing and dance, they do impersonations and skits as well.

“Super Taste” is the only show among its fellow nominees that is recorded outdoor, hence the unavoidable controversy. However, veteran host Tai Zhi-Yuan of “Big Party” (which is also nominated for best variety) expressed, “They (Hao Jiao) always try their hardest to tell jokes where ever they go. They even have to do skits while eating. If this is not called a variety (show), what is?” “Big Party’s” producer added, “We never took them seriously in the past, but after their long and hard work, they have gradually risen to the top. We are the most afraid of them this year.”

In related news, Li Jing and Matilda Tao have been fighting over the award for years. Since Matilda will be hosting the award ceremony, if Li Jing wins, the two will have to share the same stage, which will definitely make headlines.

Although veteran host Jacky Wu is not nominated for any awards, it has not affected his mood. But when he saw the list of nominees, he frowned and described the variety shows of Taiwan being in a dying state. He further said that if the variety shows don’t improve, Golden Bell “should just cancel it (the award).” He expressed that he would rather use the time to perform in the mainland and make more money than to attend Golden Bell.

Source: UDN

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