Cindy Yen to be the next Jolin Tsai?

Singer-songwriter Cindy Yen, who debuted in 2009, will be coming back with her second album, “2 be Different”, on September 29th. For her first single, “Trap”, she has transcended into a dancing singer, which many netizens joked, “Is Jay Chou trying to make Cindy Yen the next Jolin Tsai?” Regardless, her record company, JVR Music, spent over a million TWD to give “Trap” an extravagant MV treatment, recreating a broadway stage. To support the singer, both Kevin Tsai (host of Kang Xi Lai Le) and her manager made special appearances in the MV. It was Kevin’s first time filming a MV, and he expressed he agreed to take part because he wanted to support singer-songwriters. He praised Cindy on her natural sexiness and said that he anticipates Cindy’s development as a singer.

Cindy, who composed the track, expressed her thanks to Kevin and complimented him as a kind and supportive person. During the shooting, Cindy danced in her heels non-stop; she even scraped her thigh without knowing. In order to not impede progress, she quickly treated her wound and continued.

Check out the MV below:

Source: UDN, iloveinmusic's channel

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