Chris Wang goes almost totally nude for upcoming photobook

Chris Wang recently filmed a Biore shower gel commercial together with Mike He, where they showed off their hot bod. Like Mike, Chris is also posing almost totally nude for an upcoming photobook. While Mike did his photo shoot in a bedroom, Chris decided to get closer to nature and showed off his behind under a starry night. He even daringly took off all his clothes at Kangaroo Island of South Australia, revealing his six-pack while covering his private area with a gigantic rock.

For the photobook, Chris hired the four-time Grammy nominee for best recording package, Xiao Qing-Yang, to design his photobook’s cover. Chris didn’t wear any makeup during the shoot and the photos mainly took place outdoors. Although he didn’t feel embarrassed stripping his clothes off, it was only 3 degrees Celsius in South Australia. Chris also wrote thirty thousand words in the photobook to express his true self, “I want to show everyone the real me.”

The media  can't help but compare the two stars who are both releasing their photobooks in September and October. Many speculate that the objects used to cover their private parts suggest the actual size of their package.  In regards to this, Mike responded, "If I did my shoot outdoor, I might have used Taipei 101 to cover it up!" Mike's manager also believed that using a small novel leaves room for imagination and pointed out that Mike revealed more skin in comparison.

Check out Chris and Mike's cm:

News clip on photobook:

Source: Appledaily, joycepen76080's and meifeng2039's channel

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