Ariel Lin gets sick from filming...again

Ariel Lin, Chen Bo-Lin, and Wang Yang-Ming appeared at FTV and GTV’s premiere press conference event for their upcoming idol drama, “In Time With You” (formerly known as I Might Not Love You). Ariel had just announced her leave from filming dramas not long ago, and now she reportedly turned down going on veteran host Zhu Ge-Liang’s popular variety program, “Zhu Ge’s Society”. Ariel explained, “It’s because my health isn’t at its best state.” A few days ago, she sprained her ribs while practicing the Pa Yi Dance (eight dancers in eight rows) for the drama. Furthermore, she caught a cold in August and still hasn’t recovered from it; the cold in addition to the injury has resulted in pleurisy, where she feels chest pains every time she coughs. (pictures - left: Ariel & Bo-Lin / right: Wang Yang-Ming & Jessie Chen)

Bo-Lin and Yang-Ming play love rivals in the drama. The two are currently single and they both agree that having the right feeling is the most important when it comes to love. Bo-Lin is open to dating any woman from ages 18 to 50 and said, “As long as she is younger than my mom, then it’s alright.” Yang-Ming has dated someone five years older than him, and has had girlfriends from Brazil and America, but he now prefers Asian girls as they have more common views with him, which makes it easier to communicate.

28 year old Bo-Lin revealed that he has already been exempt from military duties due to asthma. After nine years since he last filmed a drama in Taiwan, Bo-Lin said, “I came back to film an idol drama so that my Grandpa and my parents can see my work on TV.”

Check out the preview below:

Source: Appledaily, FTVCP's channel

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