42 Taipei neighborhoods receive boxes of Jeremy Liu CDs for free giveaway

As many know, Jeremy Liu’s popularity has risen tenfolds after his hit single, “Thinking of You”, from his latest album, “Touched”. However, 42 neighborhood magistrates in Taipei's Beitou District each received a box of Jeremy Liu albums (70 CDs per box) at the beginning of August. Following that, a private club later sent three more boxes to one of the magistrates in mid-August. While they are free, the neighborhood magistrates are split in their views. Some feel that there is no harm, commenting that citizens can come pick up a copy to listen to whenever they like, while others express that not many citizens are actually interested. Some magistrates are concerned that they will even be criticized if they give it away as a free gift for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The citizens on the other hand feel rather surprised about their magistrates receiving boxes of free Jeremy albums. Some express that they thought Jeremy’s album had been selling well and didn’t think the singer would resort to giving them away for free. Others feel that Jeremy’s album will be entertaining and it’s worth getting a free copy to bring some good laughter.

Source: UDN

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