“You Are The Apple Of My Eye” grosses over a hundred million after four days

Giddens Ko’s (or better known as 九把刀, ‘nine knives’) new autobiographical movie “You Are The Apple Of My Eye” (那些年,我們一起追的女孩) has already grossed over a hundred million TWD at the box office in just four days; it has surpassed “Monga” and broke the record by reaching over a hundred million in the shortest time for the past ten years - the movie has now reached a hundred twenty million after five days.

In regards to the movie’s box office success, lead actress Michelle Chen shouted in joy, “It’s like winning the lottery!” The 28 year old actress debuted on the big screen with “Hear Me”, where she played a hearing impaired swimmer. Although she did not win at the Golden Horse for best newcomer, even veteran actress Maggie Cheung praised her acting.

Michelle and her newcomer costar Ke Zhen-Dong celebrated the good news by eating ice cream. Michelle even sat on Ke Zhen-Dong’s lap to pose, acting as a loving couple. Although it's 20 year-old Ke Zhen-Dong’s debut role, he is already getting a taste of fame. However, he expressed feeling awkward when he sees passers-by talk about him. He revealed when they first started shooting the movie, he thought about pursuing Michelle as he thought she was very pretty, “But afterwards I found out that her thoughts are usually one-sided, and she is very bad with directions...probably just too dumb...” Michelle immediately responded, “I never thought about it (dating him) either! It’s all because he has low intelligence! He is like my little brother. I like guys who are more mature.” Interestingly, Ke Zhen-Dong’s dad, who also played his dad in the movie, has just become Michelle’s godfather a few days ago (godfather in Chinese culture is a man whose position is roughly equivalent to a foster father and without religious or legal complications). Thus, instead of sparks of love, the two are more like siblings calling each other names.

Quarreling aside, the two stars recalled their past relationships. Ke Zhen-Dong has been through four relationships and expressed that he is not a romantic guy; due to filming the movie last year, he neglected his girlfriend, thus, they broke up. Michelle broke up with her university boyfriend due to long distance, she expressed, “I cried for a year and nine months. When we just broke up, I lost 4 kg in a week.” Even now, she still keeps the handwritten letters he wrote to her.

Here is a little trivia: Giddens Ko is a famous online writer who also wrote “The Killer Who Never Kills”, which Jam Hsiao stars in the movie. The movie has grossed 45 million TWD at the box office after two weeks.

Source: Appledaily, LibertyTimes

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