Yen-J celebrates sell-out concert tickets

To celebrate tickets being sold out for his August 27th concert at TICC (Taipei International Convention Center), singer-songwriter Yen-J stripped away his timidness and jumped into a pool of water. Soaked from head to toe, he took out 99 tickets that he originally saved for family and friends, and gave his fans a last chance to go see his concert. As for how he is going to explain to his friends and family, he says he will worry about it later.

Resonating his hit single, “Good Things”, Yen-J’s second album, “Not Alone”, has been doing well in sales, hence his first big concert at TICC. To prepare for it, Yen-J has been working out hard by doing a hundred push ups every morning and night. When asked if he will show his body at the concert, Yen-J answered, “If the fans are passionate, I won’t rule out the possibility.”

Source: UDN

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