Weng Tzymann to release album at end of year

Weng Tzymann appeared at a special event yesterday wearing a dress made of receipts. Besides recently hopping over to host “Apple Entertainment News”, she revealed that she will also be releasing an album at the end of the year. When asked what she thinks about other entertainers like Amber Ann, Tia Li, and Makiyo who have released albums, she replied, “They’re all very good and have different styles.” The answer was obviously not enough to satisfy the media so they requested for her to sing on the spot, but she rejected by saying, “I’ll sing for you guys another day.”

Weng Tzymann has already begun recording her album and told the media that there will be both fast and slow songs. Since she often goes to sing KTV, when asked if she would usually sing songs from her rumored boyfriend JJ Lin, she answered timidly, “Yes, yes...they’re all very good, so I would usually sing them.” But when asked if she had asked JJ to write any songs for her new album, she said, “No, no...He’s very busy.” Nonetheless, JJ still called to give her advice, which indicated their close friendship.

Weng Tzymann's sudden resignation at TVBS’ entertainment news show led to rumors of her and TVBS’ high level executive’s relationship turning hostile. However, she denied the claims. As for the show’s rating going up after new host, Hua Hua, took over, she expressed that she won’t feel pressured about it, “I think we should all work hard. I do care about the ratings too. Ratings are not that bad for the part I host.”

In related news, actress Michelle Chen also has plans to release an album. Check out her song below:

Source: Appledaily, UDN, magazine1023's channel

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