Vivian defends Jolin in being an Angry Bird

Jolin Tsai and her boyfriend Vivian Dawson are becoming more and more open about their relationship. When Vivian appeared at the Hamilton Watch event yesterday, he did not avoid talking about it. In regards to the media saying that Jolin looks like an “Angry Bird” off stage, Vivian defended, “(She) doesn’t look like it at all.” He revealed that he will be giving a very memorable gift to Jolin for her birthday; he already has thoughts about it, but has yet to prepare it.

Jolin will be holding a birthday party with fans on September 15th, using cosplay as its theme. When Vivian was asked what he would wear if he got to participate, he answered, “I want to be Son Goku from Dragon Ball.” He emphasized that it has been his dream since he was little. As for the media suggesting Jolin to dress as an Angry Bird, he laughed, “That won’t be good.”

The media believe that Jolin resembles an Angry Bird.

Vivian revealed that when he and Jolin went for hot pot the night before, the paparazzi appeared to snap photos; they even went into the restaurant to get better shots. Vivian expressed, “You can take pictures if you want to, but please don’t disturb other customers.” He then joked that the paparazzi should say hi to them before taking photos so that they don’t have to secretly take them.

Since Vivian was at a watch event, the media asked when he and Jolin would start wearing couple watches. He expressed that every couple would want to have something representing their love, so he won’t rule out the possibility of wearing matching watches with his girlfriend in the future. He further revealed that he already owns five brand name watches, and indirectly admitted that Jolin had given him a watch as a present before.

Vivian told the media that he and Jolin usually talk in English because Jolin wants to practice her English. However, he asked the media to help let Jolin know that he actually wants to practice his Chinese more.

Source: UDN, Appledaily

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