Vic Chou and Wu Chun to collaborate in new movie

Zai Zai (Vic Chou) got a new haircut and appeared at the press conference for his upcoming movie, “忠烈楊家將” (Saving General Yang). After some intensive horse ride training, Zai Zai has become much stronger, but he laughed, “After riding on the horse for three days, it really felt like I was walking with my legs spread apart.”

It’s Zai Zai and Wu Chun’s first time collaborating, which many anticipate to see. Producer Raymond Wong and director Ronny Yu also revealed cast members of the movie at the press con; Adam Cheng, who will play the patriarch of the Yang clan, Yang Ling-Gong; Louis Koo, Yu Bo, Vic Chou, Chen Li, Raymond Lam, Wu Chun, Fu Xin Bo will play the seven sons of the Yang clan. However, Louis recently had a leg injury, so it’s not certain whether it will affect his filming or not.

Zai Zai’s character, the third son, is an expert in bow and arrow and horse riding. His character needs to be able to pick up arrows from the ground while riding on a horse. Zai Zai expressed that it feels like he is being hit multiple times by a Chiropractor when riding on a horse. Wu Chun, who will be playing the sixth son, shared his fitness experience with Zai Zai and the others.

[Update] Aug 18:
Louis Koo has withdrawn from the movie due to his leg injury. His role will be replaced by Ekin Cheng.

Source: UDN

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