Shin debuts at number one despite plagiarism controversy

Recently, netizens have pointed out that some of the songs from Shin's new album sounded rather similar to Rammstein and Linkin Park. Despite so, Shin’s “Before The Dawn” album debuts at first place on Five Music’s album sales chart, while Jeremy Liu secures his top spot on G-Music. Shin expressed in joy, “I hope that everyone can sing their hearts out at KTV because the album contains a lot of my stories. I hope people can relate to them.” Shin mentioned that his new single, “Peach Blossoms Sway”, portrays the sense of spring, “The song gives the feeling of the start of a relationship. I don’t want it to be too heavy and wanted to express the feeling of spring.”

Yen-J and Magic Power benefitted from having their new singles as part of the soundtrack to the popular idol drama, “Love You”. Yen-J’s “Good Things” is second place on Party World’s and Holiday’s KTV charts. Magic Power’s new album is fourth and fifth place on G-Music’s and Five Music’s album sales charts respectively.

Although Jeremy’s hit single, “Thinking Of You”, is now available on KTV, its effect has not been as great as expected; it has yet to enter top 20 on the KTV chart.

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Source: Appledaily, pop charts as labeled

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