Selina Jen posts wedding picture on micro-blog

Selina Jen has been slowly recovering from the explosion accident till now. On August 12 at 3am, she posted a wedding picture of herself while holding her dog, Pinky. She wrote, “Today, I finally wore heavy makeup which I haven’t done for a long time, tied up my newly grown short black hair, and wore the wedding gown by Vera Wang which had been waiting for me for half a year. Ella cried and said that I looked pretty as always. Richard cried as he thought back to the last time I took a picture and I was jumping everywhere. Dad also cried and said that today was the 294th day… But I smiled as I faced the once familiar camera.  I smiled and showed the side of my face as usual out of habit. I laughed that I’ve become chubbier but the photo could be edited. I smiled and thanked God that I’m still alive!”

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