Rainie tops album sales and digital singles charts

Rainie Yang’s latest album, “Longing For…”, tops the G-Music album sales chart and her single, “We Are All Fools”, continues to be number one on KKBOX’s digital singles chart. Rainie held an autographing and mini-concert event at Ximending yesterday to celebrate the good news; her record company, Sony Music, spent ten-thousand US dollars to buy her a star and named it, “Rainie Star” (ref #RXS481164). Rainie exclaimed, “My God! Getting a star as a gift is so romantic. Everyone can consider buying a star for his or her lover. Maybe this will become a new trend.”

Rainie attracted a thousand fans to the autographing event. As if she was the goddess of rain, after she finished singing and was going to start signing autographs, the sky suddenly turned dark and the rain began to shower. She did not forget to promote her song and sang, “Longing for wind, longing for rain...is a sign of good luck.” Rainie revealed the song that left her with the deepest impression was “曬焦的一雙耳朵” (roughly translates to Scorched A Pair Of Ears). The feeling of loneliness from being single, she couldn’t hold her tears, “The story driven lyrics bring back the memory of an unforgettable relationship. It’s hard to hold in your emotions with that atmosphere. I was crying and recording the song at the same time.”

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Source: Appledaily, pop charts as labeled

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