Rainie goes off tune thanks to surprise visit from Joseph

Rainie Yang was at the recording of SETTV’s variety program, “Guo Guang Bang Bang Mang”, to promote her new album. Her “Love You” costar Joseph Chang made a surprise appearance on the show. But due to this, Rainie went off-tune while singing “Longing For” at the end of the show, and sang it three times before she was satisfied with her performance. Host Sun Peng teased, “It’s all Joseph’s fault.” Rainie quickly defended, “It’s not his fault. It’s because I have a slight cold.”

Besides feeling embarrassed from going off-tune, her neck and shoulders also turned red from being nervous. Rainie explained to the hosts that she used to be even more of a perfectionist before and didn’t know how to “let herself off”. Although she didn’t go off-tune on the third take, she still felt that her performance was not good enough, thus, she stayed after the show to re-record it again.

Joseph decided to make a special surprise appearance because he happened to be also working at SETTV yesterday.

Source: UDN

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