Park Jung Min lands in Taiwan for drama filming, attends movie premiere with Rainie Yang

Korean pop idol Park Jung Min of boy band SS501 fame recently came to Taiwan for a long-term stay in order to film for Taiwanese director Angie Chai’s (Meteor Garden, Devil Beside You, Hi My Sweetheart) still-untitled upcoming drama. In addition to taking part of filming that day, Jung Min also took advantage of the evening to attend a special showing of the Taiwanese nostalgic-era movie You are the Apple of My Eyes starring Ko Chen-tung and Michelle Chen (Miss No Good, Channel-X), an adaptation of the hugely popular novel of the same name. The Korean singer-turned-actor attended the special movie showing alongside veteran Taiwanese actress Rainie Yang to a huge waiting crowd of Rainie fans whom were there to cheer on their favorite Taiwanese idol.

Both celebrities of their respective countries walked the red carpet with fans on both sides of the aisle screaming with warm welcomes as they made their presence known in the movie screening. When approached by reporters regarding her association with Jung Min, Rainie responded, “This is my second time meeting him. The first time was at Harlem Yu’s concert. His Chinese has really improved!”

Sure enough, Jung Ming demonstrated his improved fluency in Chinese when he greeted to the crowd a phrase taught by Rainie Yang to him in Chinese, “’You are the Apples of My Eyes’ will sell well!”, which brought responses of huge cheers from the crowd.


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