Ming Dao becomes the oldest male idol who has yet to enlist

31 year old Ming Dao (real name Lin Chao-Zhang) has just been accepted to Chungyu Institute of Technology’s Media and Visual studies program at Keelung. Back in June, Ming Dao was suspected of avoiding his military duties; the vice principal of Tungnan University, where he was studying, suggested that Ming Dao was using the school as a way to avoid his duties. Ming Dao reportedly applied to a different school as he felt uncomfortable of the way Tungnan handled the situation. Yesterday, his manager restated once again, “Ming Dao will not avoid his military duties. He will be enlisted next year.”

Ming Dao has changed to five different schools in his eleven years of study (and counting). Although he is two years away from turning 33, where it would be mandatory to accept enlistment, he has surprisingly just applied to a four-year program at Chungyu. However, his manager expressed that switching schools has nothing to do with avoiding military service. His manager further said that Ming Dao applied to Chungyu because he has an interest in media and visual studies, which is a new program that just started this year. He may go back to continue his studies after fulfilling his military duties.

Nonetheless, Ming Dao is using his remaining time to make money; after completing the filming to the TV series “The King’s Women”, he will be releasing a photo book shot in Italy; he will be heading to the mainland to promote his photo book.

Apple animated news celebrates male celebs who are avoiding enlistment with a special MV:

Source: Appledaily, aluba1069's channel

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