Kenji and Rhydian cook up recipes of love

Kenji Wu and Rhydian Vaughan held a special promotional event for their upcoming drama, “Love Recipe” (formerly known as Together Forever). Although Kenji and Rhydian were rumoured to be on bad terms, they had friendly interactions during the event in front of fifty hot girls that attended to show their support. Kenji laughed, “When you’re too into your role during filming, it’s hard to avoid some fire.” Rhydian added, “Because of these things, our friendship has gotten even stronger! We understand each other more.”

Both Kenji and Rhydian play chefs in “Love” and they each have their own views on cooking and relationships. Kenji expressed that he likes girls who cook because they look sexy wearing an apron, but he quickly retracted and said in a serious manner, “If she only has a great body, great looks, and only wants to 'cook fried rice' (have sex) every day, that won’t do!” He feels that being with someone who is easy to talk to is important. Rhydian on the other hand, likes to do the cooking himself and hopes that his girlfriend will praise him for it. In regards to relationships, he keeps an open mind and won’t know what it’ll be like until he meets her.

Kenji expressed it’s his first time being involved in a “guy” relationship in a drama and it feels weird. In contrast, Rhydian feels that it’s fun and relaxing. When the media asked Rhydian between Ethan Ruan and Kenji, which costar he liked better, he said that Kenji is too shy. Kenji immediately responded, “This is even more embarrassing than asking about love rumours. You want to be picked, but then it feels awkward.”

The drama will be premiering on CTV on September 4th.

Source: UDN

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