JPM declares war on Lollipop F?

Former Lollipop members Prince, Lil Jay, and Modi are about to release their debut album as JPM. There latest single, “Moon Walk”, has already stirred up a hot debate between fans of both groups. Netizens point out that its lyrics seem to imply that Lollipop F has become outdated as it wrote, “You’re still eating candy, and that’s really too old school.” Netizens also feel that the song is declaring war against its former group mates with, “You said you’re leaving, so let's battle....The JPM you love is of a different level.”

Sony Music expressed that JPM’s lyrics had no intent of making fun of or declaring war against Lollipop F. They further emphasize that with JPM’s new song and dance moves, fans can see that the group has changed a lot. Sony added that many veteran singers like Leehom Wang and Show Luo have given praises for JPM’s first plug. On the other hand, Lollipop F’s record company Gold Typhoon maintained a low profile and only responded, “Congratulations on their album release.”

Nonetheless, fans of both sides have already been caught in a dispute. Lollipop F fans criticize JPM for being classless in using their song to make fun of Lollipop F; JPM fans continue to call Lollipop F as unloyal members and feel that the lyrics were already very generous; some fans with clear minds pointed out that JPM is simply using these lyrics to grab attention since the more disruptions it causes among the fans, the more popular they become.

Interestingly, Lollipop F will be releasing their second album in September, a month later than JPM’s.

JPM's "Moon Walk" album is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

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Source: UDN, fornew925751128

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