JJ Lin joins Warner Music

As reported previously, JJ Lin’s contract with Ocean Butterflies has ended; yesterday in Beijing, Warner Music held a press conference to welcome the singer to its big family. They chose to start the press con on August 8th at 8pm as a sign of “good fortune” (“888”). Warner Music reportedly gave Lin nine hundred million TWD as a signing bonus for a three-year record and management contract deal. It is estimated that Warner Music will be able to obtain a hundred million in commission from Lin’s three hundred and thirty million TWD profit just from one year of performances and endorsements. In comparison, although Warner Music’s biggest money maker Jolin Tsai makes nearly four hundred million TWD a year, since her management contract is not with Warner, the company can only receive fifty million TWD of commission.

Lin appeared in a dashing red suit at the press con. Many friends including Nicholas Tse sent him flowers and Jolin Tsai sent her blessings via a recorded video, expressing that she looks forward to working with Lin. At the event, Warner also promised that they will help Lin get a movie role by the end of the year. However, the media were without a doubt most interested in the nine hundred million dollar signing bonus. Warner’s CEO of Asia Pacific, Sam Chen, refused to confirm the amount and only said, “JJ is giving both his record and management contracts to Warner Music. He is the only singer in which Warner owns both record and management contracts to.”

To show his importance, Warner Music promised that they will arrange a thirty show concert tour for Lin, which is estimated to bring in seven hundred and fifty million in profit. When asked if Lin will become the number one man of Warner, Lin laughed, “After I go to Warner, I’ll become everyone’s junior!”

Jolin Tsai, Jam Hsiao, Khalil Fong and others from Warner Music all have their management contracts with another company. Thus, Warner has no choice but to split their commissions with each of their management companies.

Source Appledaily

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