Jiro getting pressured by mother to marry, stresses that Fahrenheit has not disbanded

Taiwanese pop idol Jiro Wang recently embarked to Hong Kong that included business matters regarding his clothing brand investment there. And with the days counting down to the visiting star’s upcoming 30th birthday, Jiro’s mother has been continuing the yearly tradition of pressuring her son to marry. The Fahrenheit member’s mother is so eager for grandchildren that she would even consider Jiro being an unmarried father, and even going so far as encouraging Jiro to find someone to bear children without marriage. In response, Jiro expressed that if he finds the right girl, he will immediately introduce her to his mother.

Jiro’s mother okay with Jiro having a child without marrying

With August 24th marking Jiro’s 30th birthday, the Taiwanese star hopes to hold an early birthday celebration with his fans. When asked about his birthday wish, Jiro admitted that he hopes to find a girlfriend, because in the past he wanted to have children by age 30 like what her mother thought before those plans were put on hold due to his workaholic approach in the entertainment business. Jiro also stated, “My mother’s already urged me to get married, and also said that if I don’t tie the knot, it’s also all right to have a child. But I won’t do that, because I want to get married first. I’m not chasing after anyone now. Will anyone introduce me to someone?”

Jiro stresses that Fahrenheit still together

In addition, Fahrenheit will hold a meet-and-greet in Tainan, Taiwan on August 20th, which would be the group’s first time promoting together as a group since news of the group’s disbandment by the media. After spending the past few years hearing news of Fahrenheit’s eventual breakup by the media, Jiro voiced out to clarify, “We [Fahrenheit] haven’t broken up! We’re just doing working separately! (asked to Jiro: “And Wu Chun going solo?”) He hasn’t! We’re just doing separate projects. Wu Chun’s becoming a manager/producer, and everyone also still working together often. We haven’t disbanded!”

Investing in his own trendy clothing brand

Many artists have their own clothing stores in Taiwan, and Jiro admitted that competition will be stiff back home, but he stated that he felt suited in his art classes back in high school, and that designing his own clothing line was a dream of his. The Taiwanese idol continued by saying that it was something he always thought about, that he’s fine with working hard to make his dream into a reality, and hoped that he can plan on the specifics like the fittings and the fashion mannequins.

When a reporter asked Jiro whether or not he plans on designing clothes for his girlfriend, to which he responded, “I don’t have a girlfriend now. Back in school, I made a sketch for my girlfriend. If I have the chance, I hope to design a wedding ring for my girlfriend and other items like a bracelet to put around her neck."  The reporter quickly followed up by asking, “Will that include lingerie?”, to which Jiro responded with, “I haven’t thought about that, but if she feels that it’s awkward, I won’t learn how to design that.”

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