Jerry Yan injured on set for filming of “My Wonderful Life” in Shanghai

Taiwanese idol Jerry Yan, who is currently filming for the upcoming mainland drama My Wonderful Life alongside mainland actress Yedda Chen, recently sustained minor injuries during a fight scene which required a trip to a hospital while on the set of his latest drama. The injury follows a short series of physical hiccups stemming during the filming of Jerry’s latest role including a loss of 15 lbs (7 kg) since filming started, a jaw injury sustained from an accidental punch from co-start Yedda during a scene, and a pulled muscle from physical strain earlier in the filming.

The drama is coincidently directed by famed director Cheng Ming Zhang (Fated to Love You, Prince Turns to Frog), whom previously helmed the ill-fated drama I Have a Fate with Spring that horribly injured Taiwanese idol Selina Jen. Fortunately, Jerry’s recent trip to the hospital revealed no serious problems. Jerry’s manager responded to the Taiwanese star’s latest injury that filming for dramas come with risks of injury: “Jerry is currently being frequently looked after. Due to his good intentions at the request of the director, all his punches in the drama are real!”

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