Janine Chang and Peter Ho perform a "safety kiss"

Janine Chang and Peter Ho were spotted filming on the street for SETTV’s upcoming drama, “真心請按兩次鈴” (roughly translates to Please Ring Twice With Sincerity). The two were filming at a clothing store where they romantically kissed the glass window between them. Many passers-by stopped to watched the scene. The “safety kiss” was enough to make one’s heart race, so Peter constantly had to wipe off his sweat from nervousness, but Janine kept telling him to use a wet towel to clean the glass instead. When they were off camera, the two playfully made faces and threw air punches at each other. Janine also teased Peter by signalling that he had bad breath.

The drama is estimated to premiere in October on CTS.

Check out the news clip below:

Source: Appledaily

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