Dee Hsu kisses Makiyo in MV

Following Otaku Goddess, Amber Ann, veteran entertainer Makiyo is also making a new album release titled, “Girls Power”. Better known as a TV personality on various variety shows, it has been seven years since the Japanese-Taiwanese star last released an album. Nonetheless, Makiyo received much support from friends, including Dee Hsu who not only wrote the song and lyrics to her ballad track, “Thank You For Loving Me”, but is also starring in the MV free-of-charge. Dee comically revealed that she was drunk when she agreed to be in the MV for free, thus, she only did one scene and finished it in an hour. As for the inspiration for the song, Dee expressed, “I wrote the song for my husband, so of course I wish that Makiyo can find her other half soon and be able to sing this song passionately to her husband.”

Makiyo revealed that she has been single for the longest time now which is two years, “In the past, I would keep changing boyfriends. After being single again for two months, I would immediately find a new boyfriend. This is the longest time I’ve ever stayed single.”

Makiyo's "Girls Power" album is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

Check out Makiyo’s cover of Son Dam Bi’s “Queen”:

In case you haven't heard the original:

Source: Appledaily, UDN, MrHalloffames's and DoubleJMan's channel

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