[Updated w/ MV] Daniel Chan shows off his six pack for album photo shoot

Material Queen costar, Daniel Chan, will be releasing his new album, “So Hot”, at the end of the month. He especially went to the Maldives for a photo shoot. He generously showed off his toned abs and pectoral muscles after having worked out for three months. Daniel reasoned confidently, “I heard that it will be the hottest summer in Taiwan this year. Since the Maldives is located right at the equator, the sun is brighter, and whoever wears clothes will surely have a heat stroke.”

On the day of the shoot, the crew also booked a yacht, the Landaa Summer, from the Four Seasons Resort to set out to sea. Daniel laughed, “There was actually nothing blocking the sun, so we had to work quickly to avoid being burnt.”

The photographer not only praised Daniel’s great body, he also commented to Daniel, “Your tanned body and the white sand create great contrast, so there’s no need to add lighting.” However, after working under the sun for six consecutive days, Daniel was starting to feel the strong heat, “I almost got a sunburn. I’ve already used up 20 bottles of sun screen lotion, but since the Maldives is right at the equator, it’s no use no matter how much you put on.”

Daniel's "So Hot" album is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

[Updated - 8/22]Check out Daniel's "So Hot" MV:

Source: Appledaily,popo5488's channel

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