[Updated] Aska Yang mistaken for a corpse

After three years in showbiz and eight months of training from veteran musician Jonathan Lee, singer Aska Yang is finally releasing his second album, “Pure”, on the 26th. Universal Music revealed the album cover yesterday; all that can be seen is Aska lying on the beach and his face is not even showing. Not only the fans are dissatisfied with the album cover, even Aska’s management company was displeased, “What is this? He looks like a corpse that floated up to the shore. It must be changed!”

Aska’s new song, “Bearing a Pearl” (懷珠), signifies his talent and persistence in music style. However, his album cover has received many criticisms with the majority requesting it to be changed. Some fans even questioned, “Does Universal Music hate Aska so much?”

As a result, Universal Music held an urgent meeting to decide whether or not to change the cover. If they do, it will cause a delay on the album release date for the 30,000 preordered copies, and cost the company a million dollars to get them reprinted. Aska’s management company expressed their frustration and said they had no idea that the cover would be like this; they believe it deserves all the criticisms it is getting and insists that the cover should be changed for the better.

[Update - 8/22] Aska revealed his new cover today and happily said, "I really like this cover." Regarding fans criticizing his old cover and with some fans going as far as refusing to buy his album, Aska expressed that whether it is the old cover or the new one, they are both like his own child, so he likes them both. Due to the change of covers, the original release date on the 26th may be pushed back, but Aska "hopes that it can be released as scheduled." Aska will be holding three concerts at Taipei from the 26th to 28th.

Aska poses with his new album cover.

Aska's "Pure" album is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

Check out Aska's "Bearing a Pearl" MV below:

Source: UDN, MSN Taiwan universaltwn's channel

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