Amber Ann tops Five Music album sales chart

Otaku goddess Amber Ann topped the Five Music album sales chart on its first week. With a 48-page photo book free with the preorder version, it sure got the otakus rushing to buy the album. However, some netizens suspected Amber’s company of buying the placement on the chart since her album was just released on the 26th; many found it hard to believe that the album would get first place after just one day of sales.

Amber’s record company Wonderful Music emphasized, “We never pay to get first place on the sales charts. We started selling the album a day earlier (25th) at Five Music’s retail locations. Furthermore, instead of charging the regular price of $400 TWD, we sold the album for $299 and it comes with a free poster. It was a great bargain for the fans.”

Claire Kuo also released her album this past week and her new single, "Thinking Of Her While Being With Me", is first and second place on ezPeer and KKBOX digital singles charts respectively.

Here are the pop charts:

Source: Appledaily, pop charts as labeled

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