Will Pan is clueless about fingerprint wallet

Will Pan was featured on the latest edition of Appledaily’s “Celebrity Search”, but the first thing he said was, “I want to officially retire from celebrity search,” and the reason is, “(Because) which person would buy new stuff every day? I don’t even know what to show you.” Despite saying so, he quickly took out the one and only Givenchy centipede necklace from Japan. Will revealed that when he took the necklace back to the store for repair, the store representative immediately recognized him because the store representative was very surprised that Will actually bought the necklace. Good friend Show Luo also asked, “Why did you buy it?” But Will humorously said, “Show’s just jealous that I bought the one and only in Japan.”

Most of Will’s accessories are from Japan. He explained that he uses thin leather wallets nowadays, “I used to like dressing in hip-hop style when I was young, but my pants are tighter now, so I need to use thinner wallets in order to fit them in my pants’ pocket.” Will also carries an additional Dunhill biometric wallet, but he doesn’t put money in it because he doesn’t know how to set up the fingerprint lock. He added, “Furthermore, if it runs out of batteries, you can’t even open it!”

Will then showed his pair of Dita sunglasses that he bought from Japan, which he also wore during his performance at the Golden Melody Awards. He laughed, “Who said I’m copying Rain? Who said only Rain can wear sunglasses?” Three days after the show, Will also decided to buy the “Royal Oak Offshore Arnold Schwarzenegger The Legacy Chronograph” watch that Audemars Piguet sponsored him on the night of the performance. Will said, “This watch is good luck to me. Jody Chiang, Kevin Tsai, and ELVA all praised my performance on micro-blog.”

Source: Appledaily

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