Rainie Yang lets the fans choose her album cover

After waiting a year and a half, Rainie Yang will finally be releasing a new album. But Sony Music was met with a tough decision in picking which album cover to use. Thus, they are letting the fans choose! In both version A and B, Rainie shows her look of “Longing For...” (someone) in two different styles.

For the new album, Rainie especially flew to Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, and other places to transform into different styles with twelve different sets of clothes, costing $2 million TWD. Sony Music has high hopes for the Golden Bell Best Actress, and hopes that she can follow her winning streak and bring home the Golden Melody Award next year.

Rainie revealed that during the album cover shoot, she had to keep her look of “longing” from morning till sunset. She pulled her neck and had to stay in bed for two days afterwards. She sighed, “You really have to sacrifice for beauty.”

The album will be available for preorder starting on July 13. Rainie will be holding a special event to promote album sales; each fan who preorder the album will get a special hand-written lucky charm from Rainie and the first hundred fans will get a ticket to her August 1st concert for her new songs.

Rainie's "Longing For..." album is now available for preorder at YesAsia!

Album cover pics...which will you choose?

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Source: NOWnews, Sony Music Taiwan's website

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