Netizens in shock after watching Jeremy Liu's latest MV

Jeremy Liu’s latest single, “唸你” (roughly translates to Thinking of You), immediately became an internet sensation thanks to its monotone vocals and home made music video; it has nearly thirty thousand views on YouTube in just five days. However, it could not escape the fate of being bashed by netizens where some even commented, “My TV exploded after the song.” Jeremy’s father Liu Jia-Chang, who wrote the song and directed the MV, expressed, “The style of the MV was intentional, it’s better to have criticism than not at all!”

In the MV, Jeremy and Gui Gui starred as a couple; they sat at the table throughout the entire song with Jeremy singing to her. Netizens criticized that the MV is poorly made. However, Liu Jia-Chang expressed, “It’s all within my expectations. You’ll laugh when you watch it the first time, and then start criticizing it. All in all, it’s good that people are taking notice of it. I’ve always liked being different from everyone else. For twenty years, the record companies have been packaging their artists as idols, but as we can see, it doesn’t work out and a lot of them end up getting shut out of business. I’m not selling skin in my MV and (he’s) dressed neatly in his suit, what’s wrong with that?”

Gui Gui (left) and Jeremy starred as a couple in the MV.

Besides the MV getting bashed, netizens also criticized that Jeremy’s voice sounded like a “duck”. Liu Jia-Chang explained, “The song has simple lyrics, so I got him to sing it without any techniques. Music is different for everyone. This song wasn’t going to be the main plug, but because its length is suitable for playing on TV, we chose it.” Liu Jia-Chang further expressed that the album contains great music and Jeremy’s main plug in Hong Kong, “愛的” (roughly translates to Love), has been well received. Their friends even preordered the album, totalling 150,000 copies. Liu Jia-Chang pointed out that the album is already sold out at some CD stores and said, “(Everyone should) listen before criticizing.”

Liu Jia-Chang and wife Zhen Zhen

Criticisms from netizens

  • This song is a biochemical weapon
  • The TV exploded after the song
  • My cat went crazy after the song, so you know how scary it is
  • When your kid is disobedient, just let him listen to it. I guarantee that he’ll stop crying immediately and drop from shock.
  • If you don’t look, you’ll think that it’s Spongebob singing it.
  • Can I throw him two punches, no, punch me instead.
  • I’m exhausted! I laughed so hard watching this MV, it’s quite good for relieving stress.

Jeremy’s album, “Touched”, is now available on YesAsia!

Album description from YesAsia:
With his debut album MR. Why released at the end of 2009, Taiwan singer-songwriter Jeremy Liu was introduced to the Mando-pop world as the only son of uber-musician Liu Chia Chang. Afterwards, he was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, and the father-son relations allegedly dropped to the lowest point. Jeremy then found the demo of an unreleased song his old man wrote 25 years ago to celebrate the birth of Jeremy. The son was so touched he decided to record an album to honor his daddy, and that album is Touched. The song that inspired the project became "Family", and is among the seven new/unreleased songs Liu Chia Chang wrote and co-produced with veteran musicians Weng Ching Hsi and Ke Tong Qiang. Jeremy also covered four classic numbers Liu wrote for '70s pop idol Steven Liu.

Check out the MV below:

The song and MV has been such a hit that some netizens created new mashups for it:

Press conference clip with Jeremy:

Source: Appledaily, NOWnews / Videos: OrzJ, owscace, musictube112200, kresion

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