Mainland netizens criticize "Sunshine Angel" for being a rotten drama

There have been an increasing number of Taiwanese idol dramas collaborating with mainland investors and TV networks; as part of the process, TV networks must wait to get an approval from mainland’s administration of radio and television before broadcasting the drama in Taiwan. However, as reported earlier, Hunan TV “surprised” GTV by completing the airing of “Sunshine Angel” in nine days, leaving GTV and Comic Productions in anger and frustration.

GTV originally planned to premiere “Sunshine Angel” in the summer, but Taiwan will be its second run. Despite the series is now fully accessible on streaming (from Hunan TV) and circulated on the web, GTV expressed that the version Hunan TV aired was not complete and criticized the network’s sloppy work on editing. GTV further expressed that they will arrange to air the drama as soon as possible. Comic Productions expressed that they will leave everything up to GTV to decide.

Although the mainland got the first run of “Sunshine Angel”, it did not receive high praises from local viewers and was deemed a rotten drama. Since the drama is a remake of the Korean drama, “Success Story of a Bright Girl”, many netizens criticized Rainie Yang and Wu Chun for their bad acting compared to the original. Some even boycotted watching the series because Rainie spoke Japanese in it, criticizing her of being a Japanophile.

Source: UDN

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