Leehom Wang and Angela Chang transform into chefs

Leehom Wang and Angela Chang transformed into chefs to film a new commercial. In a East meets West theme, Leehom was dressed as a Western Chef, while Angela was dressed as a Chinese Chef. For the commercial, the crew closed off a whole street to film with 300 extras. Although the two stars posed as chefs, in reality, both of them are still at the beginner’s level when it comes to cooking.

Leehom revealed that he can only cook eggs and dumplings, but he added that he has great taste for food, so he often recommends restaurants to others. Despite not knowing how to cook, Leehom finished his scene of pouring cheese sauce on top of the lobster in one take. Even the crew members praised that he has talent of becoming a chef.

Since Angela didn’t know how to cook either, the director invited a real chef on set to teach her the moves. Angela laughed, “I love Chinese food. I asked the chef to teach me how to make pepper shrimp. I couldn’t resist having a few afterwards!”

Source: NOWnews, Appledaily

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