Kingone breaks Lin Yo Wei's nose

After six months, NextTV’s upcoming prime time drama, “真的漢子” (roughly translates to Real Man), has finally completed its filming. The series has a total of three hundred cast members and it will be Taiwan’s first 3D drama with 3D behind-the-scenes.

Due to its many action sequences, during the filming, Kingone Wang accidentally hit and broke Lin Yo-Wei’s nose as well as causing his lips to bleed. Lin Yo-Wei joked, “The swelling (of my nose) didn’t go down for a week, so I’m afraid that I won’t look the same during scene changes.” Kingone, on the other hand, became much more careful in his fight scenes afterwards. When he needed to hit someone with the handle of his gun, he used his hands to block the force. He laughed in pain, “I sacrificed myself. I still can’t feel my pinky right now.”

The drama is expected to air in August.

Source: Appledaily

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