Kenji Wu attracts crowd with bumblebee

As reported previously, Kenji Wu received a Chevrolet “Bumblebee” Camaro from his record company as a signing bonus last year. Due to the “Transformers” effect, the car never fails to attract a crowd wherever he drives it. Kenji laughed that when he went to fill up the gas the first time, part-time student workers shouted excitedly at his car, “Transform! Transform!” He was so embarrassed that he didn’t get out of the car.

Often times, when Kenji remained in the car, many passers-by would think there was no one inside and lean against his car to take pictures, and some would even sit on the hood of his car to get a nice shot. Even when he used a car dust cover, people would still pull it off to look at his car.

Kenji revealed that he was super happy upon receiving the car as it looked just like the one in the movie since it already had the Transformer package add-on -- as well as the autobot emblem. However, due to the car size, Kenji accidentally broke its left mirror while parking it in a garage as it was too big to fit. It cost him $50,000 NTD to repair. When the reporter asked where Kenji parks now, Kenji humorously replied, “He transforms himself at night, so I don’t need to worry.”

More pics of the bee:

Source: Appledaily

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