JJ Lin rumored to be secretly dating Weng Tzymann

In the latest edition of Next Magazine, it was reported that after singer-songwriter JJ Lin broke up with model Chen Li-Ling in March, he has been secretly dating the Entertainment News Show Host sweetheart Smile Weng Tzymann (also known as one of the “five beauties of National Taiwan University”). The two were recently spotted going to the KTV, entering and leaving the place at different times.

JJ, who is 30 years old, is five years older than Tzymann. The two met last year December at Yahoo’s popularity awards where they exchanged phone numbers. At the end of April, a reader tipped off the magazine, as he/she spotted JJ and Tzymann going to the movies together several times at the Core Pacific City (Living Mall) in Taipei. However, to avoid suspicion, they always go with friends and pick show times that are after 11pm. Regarding this, JJ’s assistant expressed that they are just friends and have never gone out alone. Tzymann’s assistant also explained that there were many other people present at the KTV and that they are just friends.

Source: UDN, Appledaily

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